Space Pirates

After a 2 month hiatus, MIDNIGHTLAND IS BACK!.

-Mike can't stop playing Sea of Thieves. And the guys discuss how to #bemorepirate.

-Comic-con has come and gone, and Brendon is very far behind.

This weeks song is Killer Kowalski by The B+ Players.

And on this "The Worst News Ever" (27:04) Mike gets distracted on how to take a space deuce.

We shop for Cat Masks.

And we find one big problem with the Cats Trailer.

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Effin Dope

This weeks show is "EFFIN DOPE!"

- Mike saw X-men:Dark Phoenix

- Brendon took a trip to Colorado

- The boys Muscle-man dance their way through WWE: Super Showdown

-Give Dobby a Sock

This weeks track from The B+ Players:

Mean Mark

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All Elite Wrestling: Zooper or Dooper

Buckle Up for a Rasslesnack of an Episode!

Mike and Brendon review All Elite Wrestling's first ppv, Double or Nothing.

Did Cody defeat his brother Dustin?

Who walked out with the AAA Tag Team Championships?

Who were those guys in the masks?!?!

Our opinions on the event, and its possible effect on the future of wrestling.

And on this weeks WORST NEWS EVER

"It's a bird, It's a plane, its Uncircumcised!"

This weeks track from The B+ Players


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This week Mike and Brendon take a look Pop Vinyls and the stories behind some of Mikes collectibles.

The Guys have previously done a podcast by another name, listen to them reminisce about some funny stories involving wrestling legends.

Also this week we answer the question "Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?"

"Bobby the Brain" provided by the B+ Players.

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Game Boys

Mike and Brendon look back at the video games they love,

This weekend features the first song from our new house band THE B+ PLAYERS, go to to download their music and support, this week we feature their song "AJ Styles". follow them on twitter @thebplusplayers

This weeks "Worst News Ever" teaches a valuable lesson about what not to put on the window.

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Unhappy Mealz

Mike and Brendon eat bunnies on the air.

This week we get into to "Leftover Easter Bullshit."

Burger King's newest meal option prompts a dive into Mental Health and the reassurance "its ok to not be ok."

From Unicorn Popcorn to saying goodbye to Chewbacca, This Episode goes right for heartstrings, but makes a quick detour.

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Myrtle Kombat

Mike get way too hype on Mortal Kombat.

Then Brendon and Mike pitch Netflix Show ideas set in the Star Wars Universe.


We are Delivert!

Lime gets hacked.

And Mike has a Real Problem with Hasbro.

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Mike and Brendon discuss their smokey, butt-filled past.

Bret Hart's attacker is on Mikes "List"

and this Episode features a Cvlt Status classic with special guest Marty Scurll as he talks the rise of the Bullet Club at the height of their popularity.

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Welcome to MidnightLand!

On this first episode of MidnightLand, your host Mike Midnight and Brendon discuss what the actual name of the show is.

Mike learns about soccer but still doesn’t understand.

feat. The first installment of CVLT STATUS(time 28:09) gets OUTLANDISH with the “Best Midcard Wrestler in the world” Zicky Dice (@zickydice) and his Outlandish Petish, listen to learn how to be part of history.

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